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Mold & Lead Testing

Precise Detection for Health and Safety

At ACE Property Services, we extend our technical mastery to encompass specialized services such as mold and lead testing. With the utilization of  cutting-edge testing methods, our proficient technicians delve into the intricate technical facets of indoor environments, unveiling potential hazards that could
affect the health and safety of occupants.

Our meticulous approach, underpinned by technical expertise, guarantees the accurate detection of mold spores and the presence of lead. By harnessing our detailed technical insights, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate technical dimensions of these concerns, enabling you to make informed decisions that protect your property’s well-being and the safety of those within it.

Mold Testing

Our Mold testing involves the use of advanced equipment and methodologies to detect the presence of mold spores within your property. Our skilled technicians conduct air quality sampling and surface swabs to identify the extent of mold contamination. The collected samples are then meticulously analyzed to provide you with a precise assessment of the type of mold and mold levels present.

Lead Testing

For Lead testing, our technical team employs specialized techniques to identify the presence of lead-based materials in various components of your property. This includes testing paint, water, and soil for lead content. Through comprehensive analysis, we accurately determine the presence and concentration of lead particles, offering you a clear picture of potential risks.

Why Choose Us for Mold & Lead Testing

Technical Accuracy

Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge equipment for precise mold and lead detection.

Safety Assurance

Our technical approach helps identify potential health risks, ensuring a safe living and working environment.

Thorough Analysis

Our technical team examines the presence of mold spores and lead particles, providing a complete assessment.

Regulation Compliance

Our technical expertise ensures adherence to safety regulations, protecting your property and occupants.

Health Considerations

Backed by technical insights, our detailed reports guide you in making decisions to ensure your personal health and safety.

Technical Recommendations

Our skilled team not only identifies issues but also offers technical recommendations for mitigation, fostering a healthy environment.